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Flat Fees. Transparent Pricing.

At Daly Law we utilize technology to save time and reduce costs.

We offer personalized legal packages, flat fees, transparent pricing, and virtual meetings. We cut out the legal jargon and take extra time to explain the details. When visiting our site, you can click on any underlined word to learn more. Try it out here. Click on the words "free consultation" to schedule your free consultation. 

We meet our clients where they are.

We know that people need legal services but can't afford them.

The middle class makes too much money to qualify for legal aid, but not enough to pay the average cost of attorney fees. This results in too many people going without the services they need to be successful. That is why Daly Law offers reduced rates and falt fee pricing. 

We know the future is accessible. 

Daly Law is equity driven and committed to creating equal access.

We are happy to provide documents in large print, alternate formats, and languages other than English. Don't worry, we will cover the cost. 

For all accessibility requests and reasonable accommodations, contact us or email us directly at

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