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What is included in my “estate”?

If you are going to start estate planning, it’s important that you write down everything that’s included in your estate. You will want to go through all of your property in greater detail but here is a general list to get started. Working through a list like this is included in our flat fee estate planning packages as a Letter of Instruction.

  • Houses

  • Cars

  • Bank Accounts

  • Properties

  • Investments

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Pensions

  • Licenses (like a video you created)

  • Personal Items (like your Bicycle or TV)

  • Sentimental Items (like your grandmother’s wedding ring)

  • Debts

It is incredibly important that you create a Last Will and Testament to legally document what you want to happen to your estate. Check out our Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Will blog post.

Daly Law, LLC offers a variety of estate planning packages that include a Last Will and Testament. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a retiree with a winter home, we have a flat fee package that will meet your needs.

Did you see that “debt” is included in your estate and tense up? Don’t worry. Debt generally does not pass down to your loved ones, but some debts will be repaid through you estate. If you’re concerned or have questions about how your debt will impact your estate, schedule a free consultation.


Disclaimer: The Daly Law, LLC blog is written for educational purposes. We provide general information about the law but not specific legal advice. There is no attorney-client relationship between you and Daly Law, LLC. For legal advice, please consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. Content in this blog should not be relied upon for legal research, as the law is subject to change. The Daly Law, LLC blog includes advertisements for our services.

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