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Mission. Vision. Values. 

At Daly Law, LLC we work diligently to provide transparent and accessible legal services. 

We value: Equity, Integrity, Transparency, Quality, Sustainability, Community

Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale Fee Reduction

Daly Law, LLC strives to provide personalized legal packages at discounted rates that make legal services more accessible to more people. Even with discounted rates, we know that legal services are still not affordable for everyone. That's why we also utilize a sliding scale fee reduction based on our clients' yearly incomes. We have included two examples of how this works below. If your family size isn't include, contact us and we can calculate a potential fee reduction specifically for you. 

Opportunity, Equity, & Inclusion

Daly Law, LLC is dedicated to creating equity in the legal justice system. 

We know that Black Lives Matter, the future is accessible, and have pride in our LGBTQ neighbors. We celebrate differences and appreciate diversity.

No matter your age, ability, gender, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, national origin, education, sexual orientation, or other intersectional identity we know

you are a valued member of our community. 

Single Individual

10% FEE REDUCTION: $44,600 - $51,040

15% FEE REDUCTION: ​$31,900 - $44,660

25% FEE REDUCTION: Less than $31,900

Three Person Family

10% FEE REDUCTION: $75,020 - $86, 880 

15% FEE REDUCTION: $54,300 - $76,020

25% FEE REDUCTION: Less than $54,300

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Morgan Daly is the Founder and CEO of Daly Law LLC. She firmly believes in restructuring the legal system in order to create greater access for all. 

In addition to being a licensed attorney, Morgan also has a Master’s degree in Public Administration. She has spent time working and studying in Eldoret, Kenya and Beijing, China. Her combination of education and experience provides a unique skill set for supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups, growing businesses, and non-profits.

Morgan is dedicated to creating strong connections and communities. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, rock climbing, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs.

Thinking about guardianship?

Stop. Let's look at other options.

Daly Law, LLC does not assist with guardianships because Indiana law provides better options!

You can read the National Council on Independent Living's position statement against guardianship here. 

You can learn about Supported Decision Making in Indiana here

You can talk with an attorney at Daly Law, LLC about your options by scheduling a time to connect here.

Are you a landlord?

Daly Law, LLC strives to create equal access in law and all areas of life. If you are a landlord that accepts Section 8 Housing Vouchers and/or offers income based tax credit units, contact us. You may be eligible for a discount up to 50% on all 

landlord related products and services.

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