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Daly Law, LLC

Daly Law, LLC, is an Indiana based law firm that strives to create greater access and promote equity within the legal justice system. Here is how we do it!

All of our services are based on flat fees.

Most law firms bill by the hour—$284 per hour on average.[1] Billing by the hour sometimes leaves clients with big bills and unexpected costs. To help our clients feel comfortable, all of our pricing is based on a flat fee. No secrets. No surprises.

All of our prices are completely transparent.

Curious about the cost of our services? You can learn the cost of any product or service offered by Daly Law, LLC by visiting our online store. There are no added or hidden fees. Daly Law, LLC provides many legal services that don’t require an attorney and we don’t hide this information. Instead, we will provide you with information on other (sometimes free) options that might work better for you.

We use language that is easy to understand.

Legal jargon is overly complex and makes legal services difficult to understand. We cut out the fancy language and explain our services in ways our clients can understand. We want our clients to feel fully informed about every service they receive and the process it takes to get there. You can browse through our store to learn more information about the legal documents we create and if they are the type of document(s) you may need.

We meet our clients where they feel comfortable.

We want our clients to feel comfortable. At Daly Law, LLC we will meet you virtually, in the comfort of your own home or office. If you struggle utilizing technology, don't worry. Daly Law, LLC staff can help walk you through using our online platforms.

We utilize technology to save time and cut costs.

We know people need legal services but can’t afford them. At Daly Law, LLC we help cut our prices by utilizing technology to save time. In addition, our flat fees and sliding scale fee reduction help make our services more affordable for more people.


Disclaimer: The Daly Law, LLC blog is written for educational purposes. We provide general information about the law but not specific legal advice. There is no attorney-client relationship between you and Daly Law, LLC. For legal advice, please consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. Content in this blog should not be relied upon for legal research, as the law is subject to change. The Daly Law, LLC blog includes advertisements for our services.


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